Vista Trail

On the Vista Trail (©Siegfried Schäfer)

Duration: <2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: +/-2.5km

If walked in an anti-clockwise direction this trail has a steep downhill slope.

THE Vista Trail starts and ends at the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve’s main gate. This circular trail includes the Breakfast Rock Trail and a short section of the DuToitskop Trail. Most hikers walk the Vista Trail in a clockwise direction. The trail climbs about 275m to reach an elevation of 1 028m above sea level.

Starting on the Breakfast Rock Trail, the Vista Trail branches off to the left after about 925m from the main gate (elevation 870m; 33-53-52 S; 19-09-31 E). It’s about 315m to the panoramic viewpoint. At the Vista viewpoint the trail swings northerly and easterly for about 150m, rising sharply by about 40m over this distance.

On this part of the trail Lion’s Head and Table Mountain can be seen through the Helshoogte gap between Simonsberg (right) and Groot Drakenstein Mountain (left) on a clear day. The Vista Trail continues more or less easterly for another 300m, rising more than 60m to meet the DuToitskop Trail (elevation 1 028m; 33-53-42 S; 19-09-24 E).

Turn right onto the DuToitskop Trail and follow it for about 550m until you get to Breakfast Rock. Turn right onto the Breakfast Rock Trail, from where it is about 1km to the main gate.

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