Snow at Mont Rochelle

A SNOW UPDATE FOR WEEKEND HIKERS (23/07/2021): Most of the snow in the reserve has melted but there’s still a small amount left on Perdekop, the highest peak in the reserve. The Perdekop Trail is our longest trail – it usually takes about seven hours to hike in its entirety and the snow is quite high up on the trail.

In keeping with COVID-19 guidelines, hikers need to wear masks when visiting the reserve. If you don’t have a mask or are unwilling to buy one at the gate you will not be allowed to enter.

24 thoughts on “Snow at Mont Rochelle

    1. Thank you soo much

      Kind regards Jeanette

      On Thu, Jul 22, 2021, 13:34 MONT ROCHELLE NATURE RESERVE wrote:

      > Alfie commented: “Very helpful site. Any snow up there today?” >


  1. Hi is it possible to get to the snow by vehicle or must you hike? I have young children with me that might not make a 2h hike.


    1. No vehicles are allowed in the reserve, it’s all accessed on foot. The only snow left is a bit on Perdekop peak itself. The Perdekop route is a seven hour hike in total so we wouldn’t advise you attempt it with small children.


  2. Hi could you please provide an update on the snow later this afternoon – coverage and how far up time wise the hike will take to reach the snow? We’re planning on hiking up tomorrow morning.

    Thanks in advance


  3. Hi there, I would love an updated report on the snow as it’s been a very sunny Friday. Any luck for tomorrow, Saturday?


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