Breakfast Rock Trail

View from Breakfast Rock with Theewaterskloof Dam in the distance
  • Duration: 45min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: +/- 2km

THE Breakfast Rock Trail, which starts and ends at the main entry gate to the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, is also the start to the Vista, Du Toitskop, Uitkyk and Perdekop trails. Breakfast Rock (897m; 33-54-51 S.; 19-09-35 E.) is +/- 1km from the main entry gate. The route climbs 135 metres along this distance – a moderately fit hiker could walk this in less than 30 minutes.

The first 450m of the trail is a very easy walk along a gravel road. Once the Breakfast Rock Trail branches off to the left of the road, the zig-zag trail gradually rises by about 95m before reaching Breakfast Rock.

About 925m into the walk the Vista Trail branches off to the left of the trail. At Breakfast Rock the trail continues straight on towards the Uitkyk and Perdekop Trails. The trail to Du Toitskop peak branches off to the left.

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