Uitkyk Trail

Wemmershoek Dam as seen from Uitkyk
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: +/- 6km

THE first section of this well-marked and popular linear trail includes the Breakfast Rock Trail. A fit hiker can complete the round trip in about 3 hours. Unprepared hikers should not divert to the Perdekop Trail. The trail is fairly straight and also only rises about 360 metres in total. The distance from the main gate to the vantage point at the terminus of the Uitkyk Trail is about 3km from where you double back to the main gate.

Once past Breakfast Rock the trail mostly follows the westerly valley slope of the Perdekloof stream. The trail crosses a stream about 845m beyond Breakfast Rock; this is a wonderful place to stop – the water is safe to drink and very refreshing. The turn-off to Perdekop Trail is encountered +/- 2km beyond Breakfast Rock (1 108m; 33-52-50 S; 19-09-42 E.), keep straight on for the Uitkyk viewpoint.

The Uitkyk Trail terminus and panoramic viewpoint (1 093m; 33-54-40 S; 19-09-43 E.) boasts a spectacular view of the secluded Wemmershoek valley and Wemmershoek Dam.

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