DuToitskop Trail

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: +/- 13km

THE in-and-out trail to DuToitskop Peak starts and ends at the main entry gate to the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve. The trail rises about 660m to DuToitskop Peak (elevation 1 407m; 33-52-57 S; 19-09-00 E). A moderately fit person can hike to DuToitskop Peak in less than 3 hours (one way).

The DuToitskop Trail, which includes the walk up to Breakfast Rock, branches off to the left (in a north westerly direction) at Breakfast Rock. The trail mostly heads in a north-north westerly direction, rising steadily (about 15-17m per 100m). Magnificent vistas of the Franschhoek valley can be seen on the way up. DuToitskop Peak is about 2 680m past Breakfast Rock.

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