Aalwynkop Trail

  • Distance: 1km
  • Elevation: trail drops about 100m
  • Difficulty: easy walk
  • Duration: <1 hour

THE Aalwynkop Trail is less than 1km in length and starts and ends at the entry gate. The trail starts at the parking area in front of the entry gate, going more or less in an east-southeasterly direction, following, for part of the way, a barbed-wire fence. The trail continues in an almost straight line, descending about 40m towards the low hill ahead – about 290m from the entry gate.

At Aalwynkop (elevation about 710m above sea level) the footpath skirts around the southern and eastern sides of the hill, before turning in a northerly direction. The main attraction on this section of the trail is mitre aloe (Aloe perfoliata) that blooms around March and lends its name to the trail (Afr. krans aalwyn).

The next section of the trail towards the DuToits River pump station has a gentle gradient and provides unobstructed views of the streambed in the nearby DuToits River gorge. This section is about 370m long. At the pump station, turn left onto the gravel road that leads back to the entrance gate. The entire trail is about 900m in length and a fit person can complete the circular route in about half an hour.

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