Manganese Trail

  • Distance: 1,5km
  • Elevation: trail descends 300m
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Duration: <1 hour

THE Manganese Trail (1,5km) connects the Uitkyk Trail to the DuToitskop Trail, forming a circular route of about 8,6km. It is named after the abandoned manganese ore (black) diggings that are found near its turn off. It can be walked in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, but this route description assumes an anti-clockwise hike. There is no water on this trail.

The turn off for the Manganese Trail is at the same position as that for the Perdekop Trail. But instead of turning right to Perdekop, turn left towards DuToitskop (33-52-50 S; 19-09-42 E, 1 108m above sea level). The first 450m of the trail heads in a west-northwesterly direction. The traill changes direction (at approximately 33-52-46 S; 19-09-25 E) and heads south for about 200m before again heading in a WNW direction. The trail then heads in a southerly direction for about 180m. This first section of the trail provides sweeping views over the Wemmershoek valley and dam.

From this point (approximately 33-52-53 S; 19-09-20 E) the trail heads almost due west for about 660m, then (33-52-56 S; 19-08-57 E) turns sharply and heads southeast for the last 90m to the trig beacon atop DuToitskop (1 407m above sea level). These two segments of the trail pass through a windswept alpine-like landscape. The occasional lack of vegetation can make the trail hard to see, so look out for small cairns, stones at the edge of the path and other route markers to stay on course.

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