Winelands Trail

Looking down on Franschhoek from the Winelands Trail (©Siegfried Schäfer)
  • Distance: 1km (one way)
  • Elevation: trail ascends 100m
  • Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Duration: 40 minutes (one way)

THE Winelands Trail connects Lower Cats’ Path with the Breakfast Rock Trail. It starts at the steps that lead to the R45 pass road on Lower Cats’ Path and provides a shorter, safer, alternative route to access the other trails in the reserve by eliminating the two road crossings and ladder on the upper section of Lower Cats’ Path.

Making your way up Lower Cats’ Path, instead of heading up the steps towards the pass (33-54-21 South; 19-09-15 East) continue straight on. The first 550m of the trail gently undulates parallel to, and below, the pass. Shortly before the hairpin bend in the pass the trail crosses a small seasonal
stream where both shade and, for part of the year, water can be found.

Once the trail reaches a position just below the apex of the hairpin bend (approximately 33-54-05 S; 19-09-18 E) it turns sharply to the east and the gradient increases significantly. Over the next 150m the trail rises by 80m via a series of steps and switchbacks. After this section the trail flattens out again to meet the Breakfast Rock Trail (33-54-14 S; 19- 09-28 E). The MRNR main gate and car park are nearby.

This trail is approximately 1km in length and gains about 100m in altitude along the way. A moderately fit person should be able to walk it in 40 minutes. A circular trail results by combining the Winelands Trail with part of the Lower Cats’ Path Trail; this trail starts and ends at the MRNR car park and can be walked clockwise or anticlockwise.

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