Vista Trail

Duration: <2 hoursDifficulty: ModerateDistance: +/-2.5km If walked in an anti-clockwise direction this trail has a steep downhill slope. THE Vista Trail starts and ends at the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve’s main gate. This circular trail includes the Breakfast Rock Trail and a short section of the DuToitskop Trail. Most hikers walk the Vista Trail inContinue reading “Vista Trail”

Perdekop Trail

Duration: 7 hours Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult Distance: +/- 13km We advise you not to hike this route alone or in adverse weather. THE circular Perdekop Trail rises 850m from its starting point to peak halfway at Perdekop, 1 575m. Perdekop is the highest point in the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve. This route description assumes a clockwiseContinue reading “Perdekop Trail”

Uitkyk Trail

Duration: 2-3 hours Difficulty: Moderate Distance: +/- 6km THE first section of this well-marked and popular linear trail includes the Breakfast Rock Trail. A fit hiker can complete the round trip in about 3 hours. Unprepared hikers should not divert to the Perdekop Trail. The trail is fairly straight and also only rises about 360Continue reading “Uitkyk Trail”

Breakfast Rock Trail

Duration: 45min Difficulty: Easy Distance: +/- 2km THE Breakfast Rock Trail, which starts and ends at the main entry gate to the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, is also the start to the Vista, Du Toitskop, Uitkyk and Perdekop trails. Breakfast Rock (897m; 33-54-51 S.; 19-09-35 E.) is +/- 1km from the main entry gate. TheContinue reading “Breakfast Rock Trail”